Stringybark Hardwood Timber Species Specification

Hardwood Timber Species Data: Stringybark (Blend of Stringybark species)

Stringybark species swatch
Hardwood Species: Stringybark

Description of Hardwood Species Stringybark.

Stringybark varietals are a collection of different blondewood species, often found in the Northern Territory. While heights can vary considerably, many species of stringybark top out at around 45 meters tall.

Stringybark features bark that is tessellated, rough, and, well, stringy – hence the common name of this group of tree species.

Stringybark as a species group is rather isolated, having no close relatives when it comes to other tree species in Australia.

Most commonly growing in woodlands characterised by high levels of moisture, these varietals are often found in tropical savannah woodlands.

As a timber, it has a moderately fine texture and a notably straight grain. Stringybark typically has pale yellow hues that skew towards light brown and gold.

This blondewood blend brings light and airy feelings into any location when used as flooring.

Physical Properties of Stringybark

Dry Density: range 950 kg/m³

Janka Hardness: 11.0 kN

Stringybark has a Janka hardness score of 8, making it a middle-of-the-road timber that’s ideal for not just solid timber flooring but for parquetry and decking as well. 

This is supported by its moderate-to-low density of 750 kg/m³. Not quite dense enough for being used in engineered wood, but still robust and resilient enough to be a popular choice inside and out for anyone looking for a bright hardwood accent.

These properties are only a guide, as timber is a natural product there will be variations within any species. The Janka Dry Hardness rating measures the hardness of the wood. The higher the number the harder the wood.

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    130mm x 19mm Floorboards

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    80mm x 19mm Floorboards

    Stringybark Solid Hardwood Flooring 80mm x 19mm

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