Engineered Timber Floorboards. Flooring for Sustainability and Performance

Earthwood Quality Engineered Flooring for Hardwood Floorboards

In solid flooring, you cannot resand the material below the tongue and groove line (dotted line) - it’s timber you pay for, but will never actually see.Engineered flooring, also known as engineered plank, or engineered floorboards is your only other choice for quality wood flooring or a floating floor aside from solid timber flooring.  Engineered flooring boards have a top layer of timber (the lamella) which is bonded onto an engineered base (the core) which is generally formed from veneers of wood layers or composite wood with adhesives. The result is a  floorboard that is is actually stronger and more durable than a solid hardwood plank.

Engineered flooring is a flooring product from quality hardwood floorboards. The floorboards are precision manufactured to exact specifications that meet national and international standards. This level of precision milling provides architects, builders and specifiers greater levels of confidence when choosing their building materials. Unlike solid european oak timber boards, engineered flooring from Australian hardwood is a flooring product exhibiting very few problems with cupping and crowning of timber boards.

Hardwood engineered flooring as a floating floor often comes pre-finished and typically has a bevelled or micro bevel edge. This is not always the case.


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