Laminate Long Boards Commercial Grade Coastal Oak


Laminate Long Boards Commercial Grade Coastal Oak


Price displayed above is per square meter 

Premium Laminate Long Boards Commercial Grade Coastal Oak

Six Extra Long 1815mm premium laminate planks per pack. Provides 2.134 sqm coverage.

Specification:     1815*196*12mm
Per Package:       2.134 square meters, 6 Panels
Weight:              25KG
Emission:            E0, less than 0.33mg/L
Abrasion:             AC5, 7200 cycles
Wet Swelling:    72 hours


Coastal Oak will open a sense of space within a room. Light sandy tones in this premium laminate floor by Barock Flooring. It is a health-friendly, waterproof, durable, natural, top brand, and quality choice.

Premium Laminate. A healthy choice for flooring.

All laminate flooring is made of glue, and as such contains formaldehyde. In Australia, the acceptable standard of indoor formaldehyde is E1 level, meaning the detection level is E1 ≤ 1.5mg / L.  Of course, a better rating is  E0 ≤ 0.5mg / L.

All Barock Laminate use loose peeled pine washed substrate and is carefully manufactured. It is tested locally, in Sydney, Australia and the results are ≤ 0.42mg / L, in line with the best zero emissions standard E0.

Laminate Flooring if Highly Water Resistant.

Traditional laminate has the “V” shape angle finish between the bevel on each board. This is a trap where water may sit and penetrate. Barock Laminate flooring is designed with a low angle lock-in system. This results in a less angled groove between boards when joined together. All Barock Laminate products are designed and made watertight.

Premium laminate for durability.

A laminate floor’s durability is reliant on the density of the substrate. Higher substrate density =  better durability of the Laminate floor. Ordinary Laminate floor base density is ≥ 0.80g / cm3 and the tested premium Barock Laminate floor substrate has a greater density at ≥ 0.85g / cm3.

Naturally inspired designs on laminate.

Barock Laminate uses the latest technology to provide a natural timber look for all Barock Laminate products.

Top Flooring Brand.

Barock is an Australian registered brand. Barock flooring is, and always has, focused on delivering high-quality flooring to the Australian market place.

The confident choice for quality.

All Barock Laminate floor products have 30 years warranty.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 1815 × 196 × 12 mm

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