Australian Hardwood Timber Flooring

When you are looking for solid floorboards, there is nothing quite like the Australian hardwood timber flooring options, available here at Mr Timber Flooring. Considered a premium choice in flooring, you will fall in love with the superior quality of our various solid floorboards and plank flooring. In fact, we know you will have a hard time picking just one favourite.

The Benefits of Australian Hardwood Timber Flooring

Australian hardwood timbers are adapted to our climate and environment, ensuring they are tougher, more durable, and will perform much better than other varieties of timber. Below is a guide to help you
understand the different types of hardwood timber flooring.

Types of Australian Hardwood

The most common types of hardwood timber flooring available at Mr Timber Flooring, include:

  • Australian Beech – also known as Myrtle Beech or Tasmanian Myrtle, Australian Beech produces beautiful hues, ranging from pale brown to gold, resulting in undertones that may include slight pink or even light cream.
  • Blackbutt – one of Australia’s most important hardwoods, is strong and durable, making it very versatile and suitable for a range of products. Available in a variety of elegant colours from pale cream and brown, through to warm honey and sometimes a hint of pink, Blackbutt has an even texture and straight grain.
  • Brushbox – often referred to as Vinegar Tree, Box Scrub, Pink Pox, Brisbane Box, or Queensland Box, Brushbox produces beautiful, lush chocolate colours, highlighted with reddish-pink undertones.
  • Forest Reds – while these don’t come from a particular variety of tree, Forest Reds usually come from Red River Gums, and are highly prized for their durability and lush red colour.
  • Grey Ironbark – sometimes called White Ironbark or Ironbark, Grey Ironbark is considered one of the hardest and most durable timbers around, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Jarrah – Jarrah is a beautiful, warm wood, and most commonly comes with glorious shades of deep red or brown. Because Jarrah is also highly resistant and durable, it is perfect for a variety of rooms in your home.
  • Messmate – also known as Tasmanian Oak, Stringybark, Brown Top, and Australian Oak, Messmate is a spectacular hardwood timber flooring species that varies in colour from pale brown to light yellow, with a subtle hint of peach.
  • New England Oak – traditionally known as Manna Gum, New England Oak offers a stunning colour variation from soft yellow and pinks, to pink-brown.
  • Red Ironbark – as tough and resilient as Grey Ironbark, also sometimes called Mugga, Mugga
    Ironbark, or Pink Ironbark, Red Ironbark combines an inspiring cathedral grain pattern with a deep
    dark rouge colour.
  • Red Mahogany – is an Australian hardwood with a fine grain and distinctive pale to deep red
  • Spotted Gum – Spotted Gum is a versatile hardwood Australian timber that gives a remarkable colour range including striking light green, golden brown, and light chocolate brown.
  • Stringybark – a collection of different Blondewood species, Stringybark is a light coloured blend, ranging from pale yellow through to golden hues and light browns.
  • Sydney Blue Gum – highly sought after because it responds well to most finishes, Sydney Blue Gum timber can vary from dark pink to a reddish brown colour.
  • Tallowwood – a popular Australian native hardwood species that doesn’t compromise on density or
    durability, Tallowwood offers a neutral palette with golden honey hues.
  • Tasmanian Oak – made from a combination of 3 distinct species of tree, Tasmanian Oak’s light shades of pale straw to light brown make it a top choice for those wanting a wood that is warm yet hard wearing.
  • Turpentine – Turpentine hardwood timber flooring ranges in colour from deep red to red-brown, however, different finishes may affect the appearance.
  • Victorian Ash – a popular choice of solid hardwood timber flooring, Victorian Ash is generally light brown and cream in colour, so it is ideal for brightening up any room.

You Simply Can’t Beat The Real Thing

There are plenty of engineered flooring options in the market that do a fine job of imitating timber. However, when it comes to colour, variation, grain, durability, and sustainability, you can’t beat hardwood timber flooring. If you are ready to discuss your needs for hardwood timber flooring, then please submit your requirements using the ‘Request a Quote’ button below.

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